Two Questions Before You Make Gift Baskets

outsidebasketTwo questions I hear quite often from people new to gift baskets are:

“I’m thinking of starting a home based gift basket business, but there is a lot of competition. Also, my friends and family are all skeptical and think it’s a bad idea. What should I do?”

Do these sound like questions you’d ask before starting?

The first step, before buying your first basket, is to think about and list (on paper) the reasons why your gift basket business will be successful.

  • Why will individuals and corporations buy your gift baskets instead of buying from another business?
  • Do competitive baskets lack originality, style, or creativity?
  • Is customer service poor?
  • Does the competition ship worldwide or at least throughout the U.S.?

Write down the pros and cons of your competition and how you can go “one up” on them to build your business as you market to your customers and theirs, too.

If you don’t see how your gift baskets will stand out, then it’s time to dig deep in the thinking process by taking a few days to consider all possibilities. This is a brainstorming technique we do in the gift basket class that aspiring designers find to be very valuable so they know how to proceed.

The second step is to not let other people’s negativity keep you from your bright gift basket destiny.

Friends and family are usually, but not always, skeptical of new business ventures. Sometimes (with family) they’re concerned about how you’ll feel if you fail. Other times (regarding friends), there’s a touch of envy in their words. I talk about this with you extensively in chapter 1 of the book, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business.

If you start your business now, how successful do you believe it will be in five years? If you don’t choose gift baskets, what will you be doing in five years? Is this venture worth taking a chance on yourself?

Do as much research as possible before you begin to make sure gift baskets is the right business for you. Remember, you must be determined and steadfast to start and build your business one step at a time. Too many people go to their graves without fulfilling their dreams. Make yourself a promise to not be one of them.