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Featured Articles:

Starting a Gift Basket Business
Take one cup of imagination, mix in a tablespoon of resourcefulness and add a pinch of creativity. What do you have? The perfect recipe to...

Can I Really Make $30,000 a Year?
"Earn $30,000 a Year from Home - Part Time!" read the subtitle of a recent gift basket seminar. The text made it sound so tempting, so easy, but is it possible to pocket that kind of cash?

Buying and Storing Products
Lots of money. That’s what I spent on products when I starting making gift baskets. In 1990 there were no business models to duplicate or buying charts to master, so I learned by trial and error, lots of error. The bright side is that you...

How to Name Your Gift Basket Business
"Pick a business name that lets customers know what you sell." That's what I was told back in the 1990s as I created my plan to start a gift basket business. But other businesses don't follow that advice...

How to Find Gift Basket Classes
The most obvious and accessible place to find a gift basket class is at...

Show Me the Grant Money
Where’s the free money to start your gift basket business? Is there such a thing, or must you...

How to Sell Gift Baskets Online
"Do people buy gift baskets on the Internet?" is a common question asked by gift basket designers, whether they’ve just launched their Web site or are considering cyberspace exposure.

Is Something Bugging You?
Wherever there’s food, there are bugs vying for a taste of the tempting morsels you place between the shred and enhancements. How do they get there?

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