Gift Baskets for Valentine’s Day

Gift Baskets for Valentine's DayDo you know that Valentine’s Day is the second most-popular gift basket occasion? It ranks directly behind Christmas.

Retailers are busily stacking heart-shaped candy boxes on the sales floor as fast as they place Christmas trees and candy canes in the clearance section.

Many customers buy gift baskets on impulse, usually the day before or on Valentine’s Day. That creates an incredible sales spike wherever the event is celebrated. However, sales are actually higher for this one occasion than reported.

For example, I was contacted by a high school freshman who is a coordinator for a Valentine’s Day gift basket fundraiser. There could be thousands of schools and other groups across the country participating in this money-making activity. Any organization selling gift baskets in this manner is certainly left out of the yearly statistics, which means there’s lots of potential for you to profit.

What tips and strategies do long-time designers share about creating Valentine’s Day gift baskets? Here are three ideas to consider to make designs that sell quickly and profitably.

1. Buy products in red-colored packaging versus items that have the words “Valentine’s Day” printed on it.
If you overestimate the number of products you’ll sell with Valentine’s Day wording written on it, you’ll have to eat the excess, give it away, or trash it after February 14. The bottom line: you’ll lose money with pre-printed items.

There are many products in red or white packaging that are good choices for your baskets. For example, chocolates are sold in red boxes. Microwave popcorn is packaged in red and white bags. Some hot chocolates and cappuccinos are packaged in white envelopes. There’s also chocolate-flavored spoons dipped in colors of red and white.

2. Unique containers are plentiful for this occasion.
Select tote (square or rectangular) or heart-shaped bags, vases, tea cups and saucers, silver trays, or flower pots painted red and/or white. These are superb alternatives if you choose to design with containers rather than baskets. Mother’s Day is less than three months away if there are any leftover containers waiting for a selling occasion.

3. Valentine’s Day gift baskets are meant to be elegant rather than elaborate.
For example, use an oval or round silver tray as the gift’s base. Place a ready-to-eat, white-chocolate coated popcorn; two plastic champagne glasses and a non-alcoholic sparkling cider on the tray. Anchor the products to each other for support by using double-sided tape or dots of glue. Hot glue is another secure supply that designers choose often. Silk rosebuds, carnations, and baby’s breath are popular enhancements for this type of gift.

4. Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t all about a red and white gift basket.
The colors chosen for the baskets you make depend on what the recipient prefers. If she adores green and pink, that’s the color choice. If he likes grey and green, that’s what he gets. Valentine’s Day, like every gift basket you make, is all about adding colors that represent the person receiving the gift.

Netting, which is also known as tulle, is an appropriate wrapping for this gift. Make sure your netting is large enough to cover the entire gift plus have some extra space to enclose a tall bottle of cider. Place the tray in the middle of the netting and bring the netting up and around all sides. Hold the netting in place around the bottle’s neck with your hand. Use curling ribbon to tie the netting at the very top of the design. Add additional curling ribbon at the top to cascade loosely around the gift, and add a fancy bow at top to complete the elegant Valentine’s Day gift.