Gift Basket Drop Shipping Pros and Cons

gift basket drop shipping pros and cons - gift basket articlesWhat if you could operate a gift basket business without having to buy all of the inventory to make the actual gift baskets?

Could you call yourself a gift basket maker?

Would such a business actually be a business?

You probably have these and other questions about gift basket drop shipping, so let’s explore this subject.

In the gift basket industry, the term drop shipping refers to service providers that will make and ship gift baskets for you and pay you a percentage of the sale for being an affiliate of that provider’s sales program.

A drop shipper charges a usually-low membership fee to join their sales (also known as affiliate) program.

Once the fee is paid, you receive access to photographs, text content, and other materials that you add to a website where you will market the gifts and gift baskets available through the drop shipper’s program. This allows you to not only sell gift baskets but also sell other products the drop shipper offers such as cookies, brownies, flowers, and assorted items under the gift umbrella.

Drop shipping is a thriving part of the gift basket industry because it provides many attributes if you want to sell gift baskets to the public. You can:

  • Sell drop shipped gift baskets alongside the gift baskets you design. This provides you with an expanded assortment of all-occasion baskets.
  • Operate business so you only offer the drop shipped baskets. This practice is popular in locations where making gift baskets is prohibited by law.
  • Offer clients refrigerated goods that you normally cannot sell because you lack space to install a cooling unit for brownies, candies, and the like.

There are few drawbacks with drop shipping.

  • You cannot customize or offer customization of designs. What you see is what you get.
  • Some services will place your marketing literature in the shipping box along with the order, and some will not.
  • The shipping box may state the name and address of the drop shipping company, not your business’s information.

These drawbacks can be minimized by researching and documenting details about each drop shipper you are considering for membership, then calling or emailing the top contenders to ask questions related to their terms and conditions that aren’t answered on their website.

If you do not make gift baskets and only sell them through a drop shipper, you cannot legitimately give yourself the title of gift basket designer. However, this may not be a negative to you, especially as commission checks and/or deposits arrive.

Drop shipping is a popular service with gift basket designers and also with individuals who are searching for an easy way to earn income, through commissions, but don’t to buy inventory, make gift baskets, and ship them to customers.

If you’re searching for an current drop shipping list, Gift Basket Drop Ship Vendors is available in the store as a download with purchase.

When all of the work is taken out of your hands, and you are also able and willing to market your affiliate participation, drop shipping can provide lucrative income for a few hours of maintenance and marketing. This is a rewarding business whether you make or sell gift baskets.