Four Things to Expect When You Start Making Gift Baskets


“I’ve read books ’til I’m blue in the face. I even took an adult school course. But I still don’t know how to start my gift basket business!”

Sound familiar? This is the statement that I hear too often from aspiring gift basket designers.

When you decide to start selling gift baskets, trumpets will not sound, the ground won’t shake, and the sky won’t fall. There will be nothing that signals the start of your business – except the results that occur because of your actions.

Some of those results will be:

1. A new mindset when shopping at wholesalers, supermarkets, and retail stores.

As you drift from aisle to aisle, you’ll begin seeing everything as a potential gift basket item. Pasta sauces in the spaghetti aisle, canned nuts in the candy aisle, potato chips in the snack food aisle, and even jelly in the bread aisle look like perfect gift basket products.

Were these items in the store all along? Of course, but now you’re focused on what makes a great gift basket design, which brings a new dimension to the average shopping trip.

2. A new space to make gift baskets.

Your studio is the centerpiece for success, providing a space for you to experiment with baskets, shred, foods, gifts, and everything that puts all of the gift basket pieces together. Whether your space is organized in a attic, basement, garage, barn, spare room, or retail store, you will have lots of space to design, ship, and store inventory. How cool is that?

3. Interest in your creativity.

This happens when you start telling people what you do. Everyone within earshot stops and listens. At first, you may not notice, but everyone secretly loves entrepreneurship, especially if it seems fun, inventive, and creative. When people show interest in what you do, encourage them to contact you by handing them a business card. Tell the person to remember you the next time a birthday or other occasion calls for gift giving.

4. Less time for things that don’t enhance your life.

Gift baskets will change your life for the better. You’ll still have fun, but now your time will focus on creating beautiful, stunning designs that put smiles on people’s faces. Is it worth the sacrifice? Absolutely. Just ask any one of the thousands of gift basket designers who wake every day to new opportunities, orders, and money to take more vacations, move to a new location, and much more.

Now that you know what to expect, start listening, because soon you’ll hear trumpets!