How to Find Gift Basket Classes

How to find gift basket classes - Gift Basket ArticlesWouldn’t it be terrific to browse pages on your favorite website and suddenly find a gift basket class logo waiting for you to click on it so you can find a class in your area?

What if you went to a craft store or local library and saw, on their calendar of events, that a gift basket class is scheduled, and you happen to be free that evening? How superb would that be?

Opportunities to find gift basket classes according to these examples do happen, but don’t fret if it doesn’t. Not every area has an expert, or at least a knowledgeable person, who is willing to share her knowledge.

There are other factors to keep in mind when searching for a class.

The person leading the class must:

  • Know how to teach! If she gives you random information in no understandable order, the time and money you spend will be lost.
  • Have knowledge about the hobby and business sides of gift baskets. Not everyone wants to make gift baskets on the same time frame.
  • Show you, in detail, how to make at least two types of gift baskets, while explaining the pros and cons, shortcuts and alternatives.
  • Provide you with printed materials that lead you to trusted sources for gift basket books, DVDs, supplies, online resources, and more.

I know all of this because I taught in-person gift basket classes for more than 10 years. Courses were in two formats: participatory, where everyone received a kit to make a gift basket in class; and demonstration, where students learned all about gift baskets while watching me demonstrate how to make several.

As you can imagine, the participatory course was more popular. Everyone wants to make and take a gift basket. Sadly, there aren’t enough instructors who can offer such a course in every part of the world, so other ways of learning gift basket design and about the business is available in different formats:

Still, you want to attend an in-person gift basket class so you can unleash your creativity with others who want the same experience. Where do you go to find classes? Here are some ideas that hopefully lead you to your preferred environment.

Adult Schools

This facility is, by far, the most-favored place to find a gift basket class. Adult schools offer a range of courses, from business to creative, and thankfully it’s administered through many local boards of education.

My classes were offered in the evenings at elementary and high schools which provide lots of free parking and space in a cafeteria, gym, or art room for everyone to spread out.

Ask your local board of education where adult school information can be found so you can review the classes and possibly find someone teaching gift baskets.

Continuing Education

Colleges and universities also offer community learning experiences. Their courses are usually found online through a specific community education link that’s sometimes easy to find and other times is not so simple.

I’ve taught gift baskets in these facilities as well. For some reason the class was always a demonstration, but students were happy to be in my company and even brought one of my books with them to have me autograph.

The best way to begin your search, through a local college’s website, is to type “continuing education” in the site’s search box. The results will let you know if the university offers non-credit courses. If so, you’ll see a roster of available classes and learn how to enroll.

Library Events

Sometimes, especially during the end-of-year holidays, libraries offer specialty classes that are fun, exciting, and tied into the gift-giving season. The end of year isn’t the only time to find library classes. It’s wise to stay informed about activities and events through the library’s website, by calling directly to learning about upcoming events, or by visiting the facility to review the bulletin board and pick up materials that can lead you to a gift basket class.

I have great memories teaching at libraries. All events here were participatory. No one who comes to a library wants to hear about gift baskets; they want the full experience of filling, arranging, and bowmaking. I must admit that it’s fun leading 20 or more people and seeing how they arrange the same products. Each complete gift basket design is always a unique masterpiece.

Other Potential Places

Earlier I mentioned seeing gift basket class information on craft store boards. This, too, has potential to uncover possible classes. The same is true at regional learning centers and women’s clubs.

This list cannot cover absolutely every place where gift basket classes are found, but it certainly provides you with more ideas than first considered.

If you cannot find an in-person source and still want guidance from an experienced teacher who brings gift baskets to life, my Start Your Own Gift Basket Business course is available online. A new class begins each month, and I can guarantee that you’ll learn everything there is to know about gift baskets whether you want to make them full time or part time.

You can read more about the class at which includes online class details, a complete list of each lesson, and unsolicited reviews from past students. You have 24/7 access to me to ask anything about gift baskets (pricing, marketing, and much more), and at the end you receive a certificate of completion. The first lesson is free, so consider trying the online course to see if it’s for you.

Finding gift basket classes, especially the in-person type, can be a challenge, but they still exist in places where knowledgeable people want to share the tricks of this creative trade. Don’t give up on your search. There’s a class waiting for you.